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Do Coconut Bricks Actually Work?



There's no shortage of containers that can make a great home for your plants. Which is why it is so important to choose the right one!

In this video Chip and Jacob debate the differences between compressed coconut bricks and traditional plastic pots. Plastic pots are the standard for gardeners and cultivators everywhere for their simplicity and reusability.

However coconut bricks can save on time and labor costs, which is a growing factor in today's legal marketplace. Coconut bricks are made of compressed coconut coir, also known as coconut fiber.

This is a byproduct of the textile industry in Asia, mainly India. After rehydrating the brick, you can easily plant seeds or cuttings into the contained brick or break apart the coco to plant into a loose medium.

Of course with plastic pots you have the option of choosing any potting soil, soilless or otherwise to put in it. With coconut bricks you only have the option of coconut fiber!

However coconut fiber is increasingly becoming the most popular medium for commercial cultivators, and it allows the grower to take complete control over the nutrient regiment for exact feedings.

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