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Deluxe All-In-One Mushroom Grow Kit

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Extra large, enough to grow 4-6 crops. Set it and forget it, this deluxe kit automates temperature, humidity levels and every aspect of your home grow.

Deluxe Mushroom Kit Contains:

- 54 Quart custom mono-tub that can be used for incubation and fruiting

- Custom 3.5 L humidification system

- Hoses and connectors

- Drying, Curing and Storage system

- 10" x 20" heating pad with no auto-off

-Digital Hydrometer/Temperature Gauge with remote sensor

- Micro polyfill air filtering, micro pore tape, latex free sterile gloves, alcohol swabs

- Sterilized multigrain 2 part grain spawn bags x2

- Sterilized blended substrate, perfect for growing at home x2