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Harvest time is approaching! Stock up on Scissors, Gloves, Storage and More!
Stock up on Scissors, Gloves, Storage and More for harvest!

G-Lite Pot w/ Handles

Original price $2.50 - Original price $5.15
Original price
$2.50 - $5.15
Current price $2.50

G-Lite w/handles-The G-Lite fabric pots are made of a slightly thinner material and only have two stitches on the side as opposed to the quad stitching on the Traditional GeoPot fabric pot.

It however is still sewn with a high quality bonded polyester thread, and can withstand constant moisture and UV exposure.

The reduced material thickness also allows us to offer G-Lites at a lower price than our traditional GeoPots, making them great for cost-conscious growers, or growers on a strict budget.

Our Square bottom design also allows growers to maximize growing space, especially when using tray based systems.