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WATCH: TOP 5 Grow Room Upgrades for 2023
WATCH: TOP 5 Grow Room Upgrades for 2023

Hyper-Logic - Membrane Cleaning Cartridge-20" x 4.5"-Acid Scale Removal

Original price $160.25 - Original price $160.25
Original price $160.25
$160.25 - $160.25
Current price $160.25

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HyperLogic Acid (low Ph) Membrane Cleaning Cartridge is formulated to help remove Calcium Carbonate, Hardness, Iron and mineral scale build-up from our Commercial Series RO membranes. With a regiment of regular membrane cleaning, membrane life, Permeate production and optimal salt rejection can be achieved. Membrane cleaning procedure should be performed as part of your sites SOP (standard operating procedure) for the HyperLogic systems. Other indicators include RO exhibiting lower Permeate flow or lower salt rejection than normal. Please refer to your RO's Operational Manual or included Instructions for use and handling care details. Single use 4.5" x 20" Cartridge. Formerly HyperLogic HL 11916